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Samuel Whitbread Academy

Praise and Rewards

Praise for Sixth Form students is of vital importance. We all need to be praised when we do something well to keep motivation and attitudes running high.  The Sixth Form therefore incorporates the following elements of formal praise as part of our systems:

  1. Electronic Well Done Postcards.  Please click here to access the instructions for staff to issue electronic well done postcards.
  2. On Call Biscuit/Chocolate Hour.  Please click here to access the information on how this praise works.
  3. 95% and above average attendance to lessons. Praise letters or well done postcards will be issued to students on a termly basis if they achieve the target of at least 95% attendance to lessons during the term.
  4. Taskmaster challenge winners from form class activities. Part of the registration structure is a tutor group taskmaster where each tutor group goes up against each other.  The winning tutor group will receive either a pizza lunch or another form of edible praise celebration.
  5. Attitude to Learning praise. A student who receives two or more excellent attitude to learning scores on their report each term will receive a formal praise letter from the Assistant Head of Sixth Form and the Associate Principal – Head of Sixth Form, congratulating them on their success and emphasising how excellent attitudes to study inside and outside of the classroom will assist with progress.
  6. Praise lunches for students who assist with open evenings and other outside of school hours events. We value the time that students dedicate to the Academy and rightly praise them for this after the events have taken place.
  7. Praise Tokens system - The Sixth Form praise tokens are used by form tutors and the Sixth Form Team and go into an end of term prize draw.  

The Sixth Form team are always looking at other ways of praising and rewarding our students. Any further suggestions are welcome.