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Samuel Whitbread Academy

Business Studies A Level

The Business department at A Level is an experienced team of knowledgable teachers. The A Level course is split into specialisms which two teachers share across each of the A Level year groups, with students learning the key financial and strategic attributes of Business in the modern era. 



Marking & Feedback


Academic Enrichment & Extension Opportunities

Young Enterprise:

Students have the opportunity to join the Young Enterprise club which is an opportunity to create a small business with peers, and with advice from a business advisor compete against other schools for the best business idea.

Business Sixth Form Learning Platform on Google Drive:

Here students are encouraged, reminded, and required to read and make notes from the following areas of wider academic research. They include reading from university journals, recap of exam topics and extra exam questions and answers.

Fortnightly Exam Question Submissions:

Students practice application of knowledge and skills to a different examination question, outside of timetabled lessons, every fortnight. Students are required to use their class notes, wider reading, and research to answer the questions that are then marked with.  MRI opportunities are then used in lesson time for students go over their answers with verbal feedback.


Future Options & Career Opportunities


Revision Materials

The best source of revision resources is through your own lesson notes and use of the A Level Learning Platform for Business. In addition to these, the following can be accessed:

Links to External Resources:
Tutor2U Business
BizConSesh YouTube