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Samuel Whitbread Academy


For any information regarding travel at Samuel Whitbread Academy contact the Transport Manager at

Bus Routes

All updated route details can be found by clicking below. Select your route and check the times for collection. Please be there 5 minutes before collection time.


Out of catchment transport information

Samuel Whitbread Academy has been negotiating with new transport providers to ensure we can meet the transport needs of our out-of-catchment students, covered by the SW1, SW2, SW3 and SW4.

We are pleased to announce that Samuel Whitbread Academy has taken full responsibility of the routes from September 2022. An agreement has been made with Barton Coaches to ensure the long-term security of these routes. This will provide peace of mind and allow families to plan for the future, with the confidence that their children can continue their education at Samuel Whitbread Academy.

We have been able to negotiate terms that will keep the passes at the lowest prices possible.  Running the passes and routes internally has reduced overheads and kept costs down.

Half-termly passes will be available through Parentmail and will equate to £2.50 per journey. Pay-as-you-go options will be available too, as long as there is space on the bus.  Our advice is to purchase a half-termly pass to secure a seat for your child.

Please check the routes to help you select which pass your child would need.

If you would like to purchase a pass for the bus routes below, please email with the specific route pass you require.

We will then arrange for the payment option to be added your ParentMail account.

Code of Conduct

Please click below to see our School Transport Code of Conduct for all local authority and out of catchment services.


Late Bus Routes

These late services are not “Door to Door”, therefore the stops may not be the most convenient for all pupils.  They are designed to provide a stop in every Village / Location.  Pupils will have to choose the stop that most suits them.

J1L Samuel Whitbread – Depart 16:30

Then onto:

Stanford  At the Park / Green
Broom  At the bus stop opposite the Green
Southill  At the village hall
Old Warden  At the village hall
Northill  At the church
Cople As requested
Cardington Opposite the Kings Arms

J2L Samuel Whitbread – Depart 16:30

Then onto:

Campton By the church or at the Lower School
Chicksands The square located past the council offices
Ireland  By Request
Haynes  Loop around Haynes - Northwood End Road /
Wilstead Near the Post Office
Cotton End  At the bus stop opposite “The Bell” PH
Shortstown  At the bus stop opposite the camp
Bedford By request

J7L Samuel Whitbread – Depart 16:30

Then onto:

Henlow  Crown
Arlesey Pyemans Garage
Arlesey Royal Oak
Arlesey Memorial
Arlesey Lynton Avenue
Arlesey Post Office
Arlesey Jubilee Crescent

J19L Samuel Whitbread – Depart 16:30

Then onto:

RAF Henlow Bus stop by the camp
  • Bird in the Hand PH
  • Opposite Doctors Surgery
  • Opposite the Lower School    
Meppershall End of Fildyke Road
Clophill By the Green

J27L Samuel Whitbread – Depart 16:30

Then onto:

  • Post Office          
  • Golden Lion
  • Bilberry Road
  • Henlow Chip Shop
  • Cambridge Road
  • Station Road
  • Lower School
  • Near Shops
Biggleswade Shortmead Street, opposite Ivel Gardens
Sandy The Market Square
Blunham High Street
Great Barford  Hugh Street Post Office
Willington Willington Post Office

J29L Samuel Whitbread – Depart 16:30

Henlow Crown
  • Vaughan Road
  • Green
  • Regent Street Shop
  • Hitchin Road
  • Fairfield Park