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Samuel Whitbread Academy

French A Level

The French department is a passionate team of experienced teachers. They use their experience to celebrate the French language and inspire students to develop their own love of the language.  



Marking & Feedback


Academic Enrichment & Extension Opportunities

French Sixth Form Learning Platform, Google Drive and Classroom:

Here students are encouraged, reminded, and required to read and make notes. This is where students will find the list of authentic texts for their prep time tasks. There is also a folder of retrieval grids per sub-themes: an essential revision tool used by students to summarise relevant information with teachers’ guidance.

Teacher(s) will regularly share links to relevant news, or recent events that students have to acknowledge as it provides them with additional information to include or consider when preparing for their speaking exam. If there is a local event such as a French food market, teacher(s) will gladly share the information, hoping to see students seizing the opportunity to practise the language.


Future Options & Career Opportunities:

Foreign languages including French, are often the victims of a bad reputation. Wrongly it is assumed that it is hard and useless for the future, unless you want to travel. Learning a language is highly regarded and sought by employers to expand businesses, contacts, and maintain their strong position in the world. Being the second most widely spoken language in Europe, it is not fair to underestimate its value in fields like politics, law, medicine, banking, media…


Revision Materials

The best source of revision resources is through your own lesson notes and use of the A Level Learning Platform for Geography. In addition to these, the following can be accessed: