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Samuel Whitbread Academy

Young Carers

What is a Young Carer?

A young carer is anyone, of any age, who as part of their normal life, offers help and support to a relative or friend who is dependent on them.

They may have adult responsibilities. Their day to day care often includes cooking, cleaning, shopping, providing nursing and personal care and giving them emotional support. Just being there for a person, talking to them and making them feel safe is an important part of being a young carer.  

It has been estimated that there are over 700,000 carers in the UK and of these many care for over 50 hours a week.

Many young carers today feel that caring for others is a very rewarding role bringing with it a range of positive, emotional and psychological benefits. However caring can also have adverse effects such as anxiety, stress, tiredness, friendship issues, strains on relationships with parents, staff and friendship groups and generally an under-engagement and achievement in education.

It is shown where schools provide support to students who are identified as young carers; it reduced the emotional and educational impact of their caring.

That is why here, at SWA the support we offer ranges from:

  • Pastoral support
  • Access to homework clubs
  • Coursework catch up
  • Revision sessions
  • After school clubs
  • Drop in sessions
  • Peer mentoring

As part of this we have teamed together with Carers in Beds to offer any young carers the opportunity to benefit from sharing their feelings openly with other carers in school through the Peer Mentoring scheme.

Please contact the school through your tutor or Head of Year should you need any extra support as a young carer or email

Below you’ll find various grant applications and financial support along with direct links to helpful websites and chat forums.