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Samuel Whitbread Academy

Values, Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

To be the BEST that we can be.’ 

Mission Statement

…to foster a learning community where everyone has the opportunity to achieve and excel



Our School Values


Celebrating our differences and valuing everyone’s contribution. Listening to others and an awareness that we live in diverse local, national and global communities. 



Working together to help everyone achieve their goals. Learning from others and praising others. Encouraging others and sharing in each others’ successes. 



Making an effort despite difficulties. Being flexible and adapt when things aren’t working. Trying something new - even if it seems a challenge. 



Being true to yourself and being honest with others. Treating people fairly and being trustworthy and trusting of others. 



Demonstrating a deeper understanding of other people’s views and ideas. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Showing understanding of other people’s thoughts, feelings and actions. 


Taking risks and learning from your mistakes. Solving problems in different ways by experimenting and trying something new. Asking questions and thinking outside of the box. 


Enabling people to have the opportunity to learn. Showing courtesy and manners by showing consideration and valuing your own self as well as others.