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Samuel Whitbread Academy

Uniform and equipment

Uniform Suppliers

The uniform requirements are designed to ensure our uniform is smart, worn consistently by every student and fit for purpose. We regularly consult with parents and students and after recently listening to their views it was clear that the following was important; to be able to buy uniform from the same supplier, have the option to buy uniform online, to be comfortable and our uniform is value for money.

Our uniform is supplied by Please note that the last day for ordering uniform, to guarantee delivery by the start of term, is Thursday 8th August. 



Coat:  Dark and functional.
Trousers:  Black, tailored. With or without the logo.
Skirt:  Black knee length, with or without the logo. Tailored or pleated skirt. Please note from Sept 2024 all skirts will be pleated. All skirts must come down to the knee for functionality and appropriateness.
Short: Black, tailored, knee length shorts.
Belt:  Dark colour and functional.
SWA Blazer:  Plain black with SWA house logo.
SWA Tie:  Royal Blue clip tie for all Year 9 students from September 2023. House colours for Y10 & 11 students.
Blouse/Shirt:  Plain white, long or short sleeves. Must have a top button.
V-Neck Jumper: Optional. Must be plain back without any fashion labels.
Shoes:  Formal shoes ONLY. No trainers, boots, high-heels or canvas shoes.
Socks/Tights: White, black or grey socks. Black or flesh-tone tights.


Sweatshirt:  Plain black without any fashion labels

Please note: All students must wear a blazer and cannot substitute a jumper for a blazer. 

PE Kits


SWA PE Shirt
SWA PE Shorts
SWA PE Socks
SWA PE Rugby Shirt

SWA PE Tracksuit Jacket
SWA PE Tracksuit trousers
SWA PE Hoodie


SWA PE Shirt
SWA PE Skort or Shorts
SWA PE Socks
SWA PE Hoodie

SWA PE Tracksuit Jacket
SWA PE Tracksuit Trousers
SWA PE Rugby Shirt
SWA PE Cotton Spandex Camisole

ALL boys will require football boots and girls may need to have these for football and hockey.
An expensive pair is not necessary and can be purchased from a retailer of your choice.

All P.E. kit must be suitably marked with the students' initials and full surnames.

  • All stud earrings should be removed before lessons.
  • Long hair should be tied back.
  • Only SWA leggings should be worn for PE.

All students are expected to participate fully in P.E. lessons. There may be occasions, however, when students are physically incapable of participating.  Where this is the case a letter from the parent or carer should be submitted to the class teacher requesting permission for the student to be excused from activity. 

Where non-participation is likely to be extended over a period of more than two weeks a medical certificate is required.  Non-participants should still be involved in the lesson either by coaching, umpiring, helping with equipment or by working on appropriate work sheets.  Students will, therefore, still need to bring their kit.

Uniform Additional Guidance

Jewellery / Piercings
Earrings should be limited to one pair of small stud earrings. Any item of jewellery that a student may wish to wear for religious or cultural importance may be allowed if parents contact the relevant year team to request permission. Such an item may then be worn with the Academy’s knowledge and permission. There should be no visible facial or body piercings.

A small amount of make-up is acceptable but students should not abuse this privilege. 

Hair colour should be a ‘natural’ colour and styles should not be too extreme or ‘attention grabbing’ e.g. large stripes of colour or shaved patterns. Students should not adorn their hair with excessive accessories.


  • We advise that all clothing is clearly marked with the student's name.
  • Boots can be worn in extreme winter weather, but students must bring a change of shoe once on-site.
  • Hats/caps may only be worn for prolonged periods outside the buildings in extremes of cold or sun.
  • 'Hoodies' should not be worn.
  • Extremes of fashion must be avoided. A student appearing at the Academy dressed unacceptably may be sent home to change.


Equipment Expectations

We expect SWA students to attend school ready to learn and make the most of the learning opportunities presented to them. To this end, all students require the following equipment in order to succeed in lessons:

  • Pencil case
  • Glue stick
  • Black pens
  • Green pens
  • Pencils
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Pencil sharpener
  • (Coloured pencils)- if a student studies art. 
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • Scientific calculator

Should there be any barriers to obtaining the correct uniform or equipment, please contact the year team who can offer guidance.