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Samuel Whitbread Academy

Key Stage 3

Curriculum Assessment

As students join Samuel Whitbread Academy in Year 9, we aim to ensure that we gain a full understanding of their progress throughout their previous key stages. Through our transition process, we request key data for each student, including their SATs scores, GL assessment data, and other progress and performance measures. This is a fundamental part of SWA's teaching and learning approach, which is to design a challenging, engaging and appropriate curriculum that meets the needs of every student. 

Year 9 students and parents receive three reports and one Progress Review Evening throughout the academic year as follows:

  • November: Attitude to Learning, Independent Learning.
  • January: Attitude to Learning, Independent Learning, Course Suitability, Progress Grade
  • May: Attitude to Learning, Independent Learning, Progress Grade
  • June: Progress Review Evening

Assessment in Year 9

Across the year, students will have many forms of learning and assessment opportunities. These can include written assessments, verbal assessment, project and presentation work, as well as homework. These help subject teachers to plan their lessons appropriately, track students' progress and give parents and carers a sense of understanding as to their child's learning in each subject. Our assessment model uses three distinct categories, which are broadly defined below. Each department has its own bespoke Curriculum Related Expectations (CREs), which is based on the teaching and learning that has taken place each term in that subject.  

Category Description of Learner
These learners meet all the expectations of Securing & Developing. 
They are succeeding in most of the Mastering areas. 
These learners produce high-quality, advanced independent work and are becoming a specialist in their knowledge and skills of the subject area. 
These learners meet all the expectations of Developing, and succeed in most Securing areas. 
They produce good quality, consistent independent work and are secure in their knowledge and skills of the subject area. 
These learners are working towards or meeting most of the expectations within Developing. 
They produce work with some errors or misconceptions, and have gained some of the basic skills and knowledge within the subject area. 

SWA Curriculum Expectations

Below are SWA's individual department CREs. Please use these in conjunction with students' progress report, to track the skills and knowledge that all students are gaining throughout their Year 9 curriculum.