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Samuel Whitbread Academy

Information Technology BTEC


The IT department is a dedicated team who aim to develop students understanding at GCSE and enhance it at A Level. The A Level IT BTEC national course is one focussed on key skills in computing and programming.



Marking & Feedback


Academic Enrichment & Extension Opportunities

Throughout the course students are provided with ample opportunities for academic enrichment and extension opportunities. These include:

  • Teacher-led extra-curricular sessions on web development
  • Research and reading tasks developed around the use of TED talks and extended reading through professional publications such as MIT Technology review


Future Options & Career Opportunities

Information Technology is a broad field that covers and touches upon most subjects that can be pursued for further study. Most universities offer degrees in related subjects and is relevant and applicable to most other disciplines. 

The knowledge and skills learnt in BTEC Information Technology are highly sought after by employers and will assist students in most careers. Some examples of career opportunities directly related to the course content include:


Revision Materials

Links to External Resources
Topic Videos
Past Papers