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Samuel Whitbread Academy

Homework & Independent Learning

Homework and independent learning outside of the classroom is a way of preparing for, consolidating, and extending the learning that takes place in school. The Teachers’ Standards say teachers should ‘set homework and plan other out-of-class activities to consolidate and extend the knowledge and understanding pupils have acquired’. Research funded by the Education Endowment Foundation has shown that homework which is purposeful, focused, and linked to the Scheme of Learning has a positive impact on students’ learning.

Supporting students through a comprehensive and effective homework and independent learning programme:

  1. Provides students with opportunities to refine and extend their knowledge and skills.
  2. Helps students to acquire the habits of mind needed to study and learn independently (as required in higher education).
  3. Increases students’ chances of securing top examination grades (research suggests that the more independent learning a student does, the better their achievement).
  4. Teaches students the benefits of application, self-motivation, initiative, and resourcefulness, essential in all walks of life.
  5. Enhances the classroom experience for students and teachers.

Homework and independent learning at SWA will be guided by the following key principles and procedures:

  • Advice and guidelines on both the content and expectations of homework tasks will be made available by SWA on Edulink.
  • Homework will be set on Edulink by teachers that enable students to achieve a variety of different outcomes. This may include researching topics and preparing for future lessons or to apply and demonstrate what they have learnt in class. It should provide opportunities for linked to PEEP. For details on PEEP, please see the homework and independent learning policy here on the policies page.
  • Edulink is the central platform where all homework, prep time work, and private study work is set. Teachers can also set on google classrooms as well alongside the Edulink upload.


Please watch the recordings below to assist with accessing homework on Edulink:

  1. Students:
  2. Parents/Carers: 


Parents and carers can also access the Edulink homework guide here.