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Samuel Whitbread Academy

Health & Social Care BTEC

Health and Social Care BTEC at Samuel Whitbread Academy is a popular BTEC course that is designed to give students the skills and experience they need to undertake a career in our healthcare services. 



Marking & Feedback


Academic Enrichment & Extension Opportunities

Each Google Classroom is updated regularly with links and information for any seminars or courses that are relevant to Health and Social care and job roles/ careers.

We also have guest speakers such as people who have experienced an illness, and/or an occasion that is relevant to the subject such as ‘world cancer day’, ‘Mental health wellness day’, fitness and lifestyle coaches and district nurses. These people come to share their experience throughout the year which broadens and stretches the  students' understanding and is an extension to what they have learnt in class.


Future Options & Career Opportunities


Revision Materials

Below are some helpful links to the Pearson website which may be of use for revision, guidance and support.