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Samuel Whitbread Academy

Graphic Communications A Level


The Graphic Communications department at Samuel Whitbread Academy is part of the wider family of technical, practical subjects including Food Nutrition and Engineering. The department aims to create visual thinkers who are up to the challenging of technological development for the future. 



Marking & Feedback


Academic Enrichment & Extension Opportunities

Extensive Reading & Film Opportunities

Reading and Film is a core part of this course. The below list is just a few of the recommended texts and film opportunities. 

  1. Graphic Design Referenced: A Visual Guide to the Language, Applications and History of Graphic Design by Myerson, J. and Vickers, G. Published by Phaidon Press ISBN 10: 0714844608 
  2. Graphic Icons: Visionaries Who Shaped Modern graphic Design by Clifford, J Published by Peachpit Press ISBN 13: 978-0321887207
  3. Hand to Eye: Contemporary Illustration by Angus Hyland. Published by Laurence King ISBN 13 978-1856693394
  4. Typography A very Short Introduction by Paula Luna Published by Oxford University Press IBSN978-0-19-921129
  5. 24x36 A movie about Film Posters A documentary exploring the birth, death, and resurrection of the illustrated movie poster. Sky Arts
  6. Drew: The Man Behind the Poster A documentary on legendary movie-poster artist Drew Struzan  Amazon Prime
  7. Art and Copy Movie about advertising Full movie on YouTube

Students visit a range of galleries and museums for contextual studies.


Future Options & Career Opportunities

There are many avenues to explore after taking Graphic Communication A Level including further study through Art Foundation courses or degrees in design, while there are apprenticeships available for those students who want to learn on the job.


Revision Materials

As a coursework based subject, there are now revision materials required for this course. Students build upon their practical experiences during the coursework and therefore long-term learning takes place.