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Samuel Whitbread Academy


Food at Samuel Whitbread Academy is a department of 2 experienced teachers who are passionate about their subject. Lessons are engaging, with a variety of practical's and theory lessons to widen the scope and learn in different ways. It is a very popular subject and students consistently achieve highly.



Curriculum Sequences

Click on the images for the  Food Preparation & Nutrition Learning Journeys.

RBA Food Tech KS2-3

SWA Food Tech KS3-4


Examples of Outstanding Learning

  • Year 9
  • Year 10
  • Year 11


Cultural Capital and Enrichment

There are many opportunities to develop wider experience knowledge in Food.

In the food department we offer the ‘Young Chef Club’, this gives the students the opportunity to advance their skills and try cultural dishes outside of the classroom.

We offer a trip to France for year 10 students. This gives them the opportunity to try foods from a different country, the culture of France, by visiting the different parts of Northern France and how breads and cheeses are made by typical French farmers and bakers and the delicacy of snails and how they are kept and the opportunity to handle them by going to a snail farm. 

In year 10 the students carry out an afternoon tea, which is a practice assessment but also for the parents to be invited in to see the work that the students have been doing and to celebrate the end of the year and prepare them for year 11.

There is also the opportunity to go to the Good Food Show in London, the students are able to see a variety of stalls showcasing a variety of foods and they are also given the opportunity to try some. There is also a celebrity chef that shows a variety of dishes for the students to see in the theatre.  


Careers Opportunities

Food Preparation and Nutrition at Samuel Whitbread Academy allows students to become well-rounded and confident students, who can make their own acquired knowledge in order to be able to feed themselves and others affordably and nutritiously, now and later in life. 


Summer 2022 Project
Year 9 Food Preparation & Nutrition Summer project 2022