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Exams Timetable 2018-19
Year 11 2019 Exams Booklet
Year 11 Results Information 2019
Year 12 & 13 Results Information 2019
Exams Stress poster

Exam and Mock exam dates for this academic year are as follows:

Summer Term 2019

Main Summer 2019 Exams – 6th May – 26th June

  • Year 12 Mocks – 24th June – 5th July

Contingency planning

The qualification regulators, JCQ and government departments responsible for education have prepared and agreed information for schools and colleges in the event of examinations being seriously disrupted. This jointly agreed information will ensure consistency of response in the event of major disruption to the examinations system affecting significant numbers of candidates.

The awarding bodies have designated Wednesday 26 June 2019 as a ‘contingency day’ for examinations. Centres must therefore remind candidates that they must remain available until Wednesday 26 June 2019 should an awarding body need to invoke its contingency plan.

Further information may be found here.

General Information and Conditions of Entry

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Examination Entry

  • The school will make decisions to enter students for appropriate examinations
  • There will be a consultation process i.e. parents' evening
  • ecisions about entries are important and we take considerable care to make the right decision for each student

Checking Entries

When exam entries have been made each student will be provided with a statement of exam entry. It is important that you check the following information is correct:

  • Personal Details - Name, date of birth and gender
  • Subjects entered - Check they are all there
  • Level of Entry - i.e. Foundation or Higher tier

Please tell the Exams Office, in writing, of any errors or changes to exam entries.

Provisional Entries

If there is some concern over whether the student should be entered for an exam, they will receive a letter detailing which subjects are involved, outlining the concerns and how these need to be addressed.  Students can only be withdrawn from exams after consultation with the relevant Head of Department in agreement with the Head of Year.

Exams booklets

Attendance at Examinations

  • Students must attend all examinations for which they have been entered
  • If they are unable to attend they must notify the Exams Office as soon as possible
  • If absence is due to sickness students may be able to claim special consideration if medical evidence e.g. doctor's certificate is provided

Payment for Missed Examinations

  • If any part of an examination is missed, including coursework, and no acceptable reason is given, the student will be expected to pay for the cost of entering each examination
  • Cost of examinations varies between £10-£20 for units/modules and £27+ for subjects


  • Coursework/controlled assessment is an essential element of almost all GCSE and GCE examinations
  • If it is not completed and submitted by the deadlines given, students will either be ungraded or be awarded a much lower grade by the Examination Board.

Information for Candidates

Below you can find results for GCSEs and A levels sat in 2018. Click here for more exam result information.

GCSE EXAM RESULTS 2018 A level Results 2018

Summer 2018 Exam certificates are now available for collection


Certificates are available for collection between 9am and 3pm from the exams office. If you are no longer a student at the school, you must sign in at reception.

If a student is unable to collect their certificates in person, a friend or relative may pick these up instead. However, they must have a letter from the student giving them permission and provide identification. If the preferred method of receipt for certificates is by post, an A4 stamped addressed envelope should be provided to the exams office.

PLEASE NOTE: The exams office do not take responsibility for certificates lost in the post.