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Samuel Whitbread Academy

Equality & Diversity

At Samuel Whitbread Academy we take a strong stance against racism and all forms of prejudice. The Equality and Diversity team was formed in 2020 and was inspired by the #blacklivesmatter movement. it consists of a group of teachers, support staff, governors, parents and students who are dedicated to promoting equality and opportunity for all. 

The group has set itself the target, over the coming year, of looking at every aspect of school life at Samuel Whitbread Academy, including: curriculum, policies, procedures, mentoring, role models and displays around the school.  They will focus on ensuring each minority group and all of the communities within our academy are properly represented and celebrated.  For more information please contact Miss Yadav.

History of Samuel Whitbread

One of the first acts of the group was to investigate the history of the Samuel Whitbread family and its links to the abolition of slavery. Dr Haynes, a member of the history department, looked at records dating back to the 18th century and discovered Samuel Whitbread (1720-1796) was born in Cardington near Bedford, and after amassing a considerable fortune in the brewing industry became a politician. In 1768 he became the MP for Bedford.

Samuel Whitbread was an abolitionist – he fought with others to end the slave trade and end this horrific form of labour. There are a number of sources that highlight Samuel Whitbread’s role in ending the slave trade, his abhorrence of the condition’s slaves faced, and how he we one of a group of key abolitionists in parliament who made a difference, despite his own son-in-law owning slaves on a plantation in the Caribbean.  Samuel Whitbread supported and helped to pass the Dolben Act of 1877 which highlighted the conditions that slaves were subjected to on the ships that took them from Africa to the plantations. Read the article below for the full story.

Gay-Straight Alliance

As a school we are committed to an inclusive learning environment where LGBTQ+ students are fully accepted and celebrated. September 2020, saw the introduction of the gay-straight alliance; a student led group which welcomes LGBTQ+ students and allies, providing them with an additional support network and encouraging self-expression. The group provides support and guidance to LGBTQ+ students, as well as a friendly place to meet and socialise.