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Samuel Whitbread Academy

English Department

Ms L Jonson 
Head of the English Department and English Teacher  


Mrs S Sinclair
English Teacher and Whole School Literacy


Miss L Hussey
English Teacher, Head of KS3 English and Head of House


Miss E Foreman
Associate Principal and English Teacher


Miss V Yadav
English Teacher


Miss C Groves
English Teacher


Mrs V Merryweather
English Teacher


Mrs L Clark
English Teacher

Mrs A Anderson
Second in Charge of the English Department, Head of KS4 English and English & Drama Teacher   


Miss A Corbishley
English Teacher and Head of KS5 English & HPA: Inclusion/Diversity


Mrs R Simmons
English Teacher and Intervention Leader in
English for PP/SEN


Miss A Duguid
English Teacher and Assistant Head of Year


Miss E Prow
English Teacher    


Mrs C Linehan
Vice Principal and English & History Teacher


Miss C Trim
English Teacher