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Samuel Whitbread Academy

Applied Food Science & Nutrition

Food at Samuel Whitbread Academy is a department of 2 experienced teachers who are passionate about their subject. Lessons are engaging, with a variety of practical's and theory lessons to widen the scope and learn in different ways. It is a very popular subject and students consistently achieve highly.




Marking & Feedback



Academic Enrichment & Extension Opportunities

Food Exploration (Y12 Trip):

The purpose of this trip is to see how different dishes are displayed, and presented, for their Unit 1 assessment as part of the A Level course. The location of the trip varies – but its main purpose is the give students the visual experience they need to be able to display their own three course meal.

Health & Safety (Y13 Trip):

The purpose of this trip is to see how a kitchen runs, following Health and Safety rules and how they are implemented. Storing and cooking food are part of this process. This is part of students Unit 2 assessment. The main purpose is to be able to respond to a research questions regarding the Health and Safety of a kitchen.

Sixth Form Learning Platform on Google Drive:

All Food Science students at A Level have access to all of the resources they need from lessons, and extension material, to ensure they can achieve at the assessment criteria laid out.


Future Options & Career Opportunities

There are a wide variety of pathways to further education after the course. These vary from specialising as a Dietician, to moving towards the teaching and coaching sector of the Food Industry. A list of varied options are below. 


Revision Materials

The best source of revision resources is through your own lesson notes and use of the A Level Learning Platform for Geography. In addition to these, the following can be accessed:

Links and References to External Resources
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