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Samuel Whitbread Academy

ASD Provision

The ASD Unit is a specialist unit for students with of a diagnosis Autism. It provides education for a small group of students between Years 9 to 13.  We currently have 21 spaces in years 9-11 with 7 spaces per year and additional places in years 12 and 13.

Students have to have an EHCP that clearly identifies that they have a diagnosis of Autism and are either working significantly below their chronological age in school or require significant support to manage the social interaction and communication aspects of school. All students are assessed for their suitability for the unit by the Central Bedfordshire Local Authority. Students selected are those who would have difficulty accessing a mainstream class but have the potential to do so for most of the school day if they have a secure base and enough structure is put in place to support.

The class base is planned along the lines of a specialist TEACCH classroom where we aim to create the right balance between creating safe spaces and encouraging interaction with others.   Individual timetables are adapted, negotiated and developed to meet each individual student’s need.

We aim to be as inclusive a part of Samuel Whitbread Academy as possible, following policies to create a consistent approach for our students. Students who join the ASD provision are expected to attend most of their subjects in mainstream lessons. Students are encouraged to join clubs and socialise with other students. They are encouraged to participate in special events such as trips, sports days and charity fundraising events.