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Samuel Whitbread Academy

SWA's most influential Sportsperson

We are proposing to have a giant picture of SWA’s most influential Sportsperson in the stairwell leading to PE. The PE department has nominated 9 Sportsperson's for students to choose from. Please vote below for your favourite in round one - round two on Tuesday, round three on Wednesday with the final on Friday. There is a link for each entry, if you want to read more about their achievements before you vote!

Please vote via our google forms for your final SWA's Most Influential Sportsperson in the final.



Round 3 – The vote have now closed and the winner was Tanni Grey Thompson


Round 2 – The vote have now closed and the winner was Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill


Round 1 - The vote have now closed and the winner was Sir Steve Redgrave.