University Applications and UCAS

Applying for University

Applying to university is a stressful time for any student and also parents. This webpage is designed as a first point of call for students and parents in order to provide support throughout the university application process. Please see the sections below where all resources and guidance are located.  Alongside this guidance, students need to be communicating with their academic form tutor for support, regarding searching for appropriate degree courses and also writing of the personal statement. Once tutors have been utilised, all students can access any member of staff in the sixth form team for further advice and guidance. Our door is always open.

Below is the data from previous year’s applications to university from Samuel Whitbread sixth form students. The majority of our students apply and are accepted into university and we believe the support on offer to our students enables them to meet this goal.

1.1 - summary statistics data table

Summary statistics of applicants, offers and accpetances.


1.2 - Summary statistics rates table

Offer and acceptance rates for the applicants.


1.3 - Provider decisions proportions graph

The provider decisions proportions by decision status for main scheme applications.