Expectations (Sixth Form Agreement)

Sixth Form Agreement

As a student who has chosen to join Samuel Whitbread Academy Sixth Form you are committed to sharing our values and expectations.

The details below set out the minimum expectations we have of our Sixth Form students which we are convinced will help you fulfill your potential.

Please read them carefully, as students who find themselves unable to meet these expectations may be asked to reconsider their future in the Sixth Form.

Sixth Form Contract Protocol

Sixth Form Induction day presentation – July 2017


  • Arrive punctually for every morning registration Š
  • Attend all lessons, every day of the academic year with the obvious exception of genuine illness and personal circumstances such as bereavement. Š
  • Must remain on site lessons 1 – 4 unless agreed with the Sixth Form team.
  • You must sign out if you are leaving before lunch on agreement only. Š
  • Provide parental written support for all absences in advance, when known, or on the first day back in school.
  • Any sickness has to be reported on the first day and any subsequent days via telephone, or email. Š
  • If a subject’s attendance falls below 80% you will be required to pay for the modular examinations. Š
  • If overall attendance falls below 90%, there is a greater chance of a student not meeting their target grades and as such continuation into Year 13 maybe jeopardised.


  • Complete at least one MOOC: (Massive Open Online Course) or EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) Š
  • Attend all timetabled lessons on time for all subjects throughout the academic year. Š
  • Complete all work punctually and to the best of your ability. Š
  • Prepare work for lessons in advance, as and when required. Š
  • Keep staff aware of any problems which may be affecting your commitment and academic application.
  • Should you at any stage consider ‘dropping ’ a subject, discussions with your tutor, subject teacher, and Head Year will need to be had before the Head of Sixth Form will make a final decision. Š
  • Written confirmation that parents are fully aware of the implications will also be required before a subject may be ‘dropped’.


  • To not abuse the non-uniform privilege by wearing anything that might be considered too outlandish or outrageous. Š
  • Abide by the sixth form dress code as stated in the sixth form protocol documents.
  • Ensure smart dress is worn on dress up/smart dress days Š Please remember you are role models for the rest of the school.


  • Maintain a positive attitude towards school life, making constructive contributions and becoming actively involved when ever possible.

As a student in Samuel Whitbread Academy Sixth Form, I will ... 

  • Strive to achieve the highest possible academic standards of which I am capable. Š
  • Recognise that study in the Sixth Form is a full time occupation and I will fulfil the planned learning hours as directed, including any additional study periods.
  • Attend all lessons, assemblies and registration periods. Š
  • Attend all out of lesson revision and practical sessions where applicable. Š
  • Arrive to all sessions punctually. Š
  • Ensure work set for cancelled lessons is collected and completed. Š
  • Follow agreed procedures to report any absence. Š
  • Meet homework and coursework deadlines. Š
  • Use study periods productively, take responsibility for my own learning and use my planner effectively. Š
  • Bring resources to lessons as necessary. Š
  • Respect study spaces that sixth formers have access to. Š
  • Be a positive role model for younger students. Š
  • Keep paid work to a maximum of 10hrs a week and never during school time. Š
  • Manage my social life and any other commitments accordingly, so as not to impede on my studies. Š
  • Abide by the Sixth Form dress code. Š
  • Abide by the College’s No Smoking Policy. Š
  • Not act in any way which could/might bring the reputation of the school into disrepute. Š
  • Register my car should I wish to bring it on to the school site and abide by the guidelines set out by the school re parking and driving safely. Š
  • Treat school staff, fellow students, property and resources with respect. Š
  • Avoid taking holidays during school time. Š
  • Inform my Head of Year if any outside commitments or extra-curriculum activities may have an impact on my learning.

For a full copy of the Sixth Form Agreement click here.