High Attainers

We are very proud of our high attainers at SWA.  We offer many opportunities for our high attainers to be challenged within subjects and through many extracurricular activities.  Outside speakers, trips and visits are also used to expand their horizons.

Our high attaining students are not only the icing and sprinkles on the cake, the ones who have risen to the top with the very highest of grades, who are easily seen and noticed by their academic success.  They are also the nuggets of chocolate hiding unseen in the cake.  We support not only those who are obvious, but we also identify and nurture those who are inconspicuous.  

During the sixth form we offer focussed support for those considering applications to Oxbridge, Russell group universities, Medicine and Veterinary courses.  Students are identified at the start of sixth form and this list is reviewed during their time with us.  We check that their choice of subjects fit with the University and course requirements, for example considering choosing at least two facilitating subjects.  There is also support available for those applying to higher apprenticeships.  Sixth form staff, form tutors and the high attainers coordinator will also help to facilitate work experience places, volunteering opportunities, and other altruistic acts which are helpful to secure university offers.

We have an extensive SWA Alumni network made up from former students who can assist in providing more recent experiences and advice about university and apprenticeship applications.  The application process is well supported including extensive checking of personal and tutor references and providing practice interviews with experienced professionals.

High Attainers Coordinator:
Miss A Priano