Ethos & Values

We are very proud of the pastoral system at Samuel Whitbread. During the transition from middle school all pupils are placed into tutor groups and assigned a form tutor. This is a key role within the pastoral system and students remain with their tutor from Year 9 to 11. They have daily contact with their tutor group, where they discuss important issues such as internet safety, healthy eating and British values - as part of the PSHE curriculum.

The tutors are supported by their Head of Year and a dedicated Pastoral Support Officer (PSO), who work closely with the Senior Leadership Team and the Heads of Department to carefully monitor student behaviour and academic progress. They also liaise between school, home and Central Bedfordshire’s support services when necessary.

We have a strong and well developed Learning Support Department that supports students with Special Educational Needs. The dedicated team work with staff and students in classrooms to help them achieve their very best, as well as providing a package of support outside of the classroom to meet the needs of each student. For more information please contact our SENDCo - Mr Rowell. 

The vast majority of students enjoy life at school and get on well with each other. On the few occasions when students do misbehave our Assertive Discipline System deals with this effectively and efficiently. 

At Samuel Whitbread we expect students to work hard and to do well. The school’s Code of Behaviour, expects all students to:

  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Be polite

  • Adopt good manners

  • Follow and respect academy rules and property

  • Have pride in their work

We believe it is important that students raise funds and support people in our own country and around the world who have lives less fortunate than ours. Students can take part in the National Citizenship Service Awards and use their contribution to their houses as part of this. As a school we support many local charities such as Help the Heroes, as well as Tafo School in Ghana and Jambo School in Kenya, for whom we raise money to develop their facilities and buy much needed equipment.